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    French-Japanese visual artist, born 1976, based in Vienna, Austria.
    After a decade in the advertising and movie industry, she decided to turn exclusively to the visual art.
    She studied at the academy of fine arts Vienna (Peter Kogler and Matthias Herrmann classes) and has worked since 2009 as a visual artist, photographer and curator.
    In Summer 2020 she started her art space feministic project SPACE2O.

    Her works are very divers, oscillating between art photography and commercial work, portraits and landscapes. What all of them share is a clean aesthetic and minimalistic composition (..). Asked about her intriguing portraits, the artist says she tries to capture the very moment, where a person reveals her or himself. Her photographs grasp the essence of her subjects, showing their strength and fragility at the same time. 

    Sophie Haslinger, curator  




    a photographic diary 2009-2019

    14 x 20 cm

    360 pages

    EXHIBITIONS as artist


    Blood Gas / Red Carpet Showroom Schottentor, Vienna, Austria

    L(ost).A. / Moisturride, Wild im West, Vienna, Austria

    Into the wild / AFA Off space / FOTO WIEN, Vienna, Austria


    W part 1 / Red Carpet Showroom Schottentor, Vienna, Austria

    Wild perceptions / Galerie Chardon, Paris, France


    SHOW OFF / MAK, Vienna, Austria


    Parallel Wien / Vienna, Austria

    Look at this vulva ! / Galerie ‘Die Schöne’, Vienna, Austria

    shittytrack / Take festival, Vienna, Austria

    serie(s) / AFA Off space / FOTO WIEN, Vienna, Austria

    feMale gaze / syncoop.at, Vienna, Austria


    selected / Vizualizator, Belgrade, Serbia

    Restructured / Take Festival, Vienna, Austria
    Winter fur plays the white album / PhiloMedia, Vienna, Austria
    Looklike / Take Festival, Vienna, Austria
    Nu Nudes / So Weit, die Zukunft / eyes on - Monat der Fotografie Wien, Vienna, Austria
    VIP Program PARIS PHOTO Los Angeles / Fitzpatrick Leland House, Los Angeles, U.S.
    Pyramid / Locomot, Vienna, Austria
    E M A / quai26, Lille, France
    Bild Stoff / So Weit, die Zukunft, Vienna, Austria
    02 / AFA Vienna, Vienna, Austria
    NO US NU - collaboration with Hatschepsut Huss / Locomot, Vienna, Austria
    fashion!! - what a coincidence / fotoK Galerie, Vienna, Austria
    Too Far West / Comerc / 12 festival for fashion and photography, Vienna, Austria
    01 / Schneiderei.Home.Studio.Gallery / eyes on - Monat der Fotografie Wien, Vienna, Austria
    Moving stills / Perfectprops / 11 festival for fashion and photography, Vienna, Austria
    Edition photo, Vienna, Austria
    DeGeneration / Jennyfair, Vienna, Austria
    Big society / Space Station Sixty-Five, London, UK
    Five directions of photography through photography / HilgerBrotKunsthalle, Vienna, Austria
    Asian Village / Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna, Austria
    Personae / Atelier Operngasse, Vienna, Austria
    Oberflächlich und tief / Grundsteingasse 5, Vienna, Austria
    Thriller / Jennyfair, Vienna, Austria
    Vienna Biennale / Contemporary Gallery am Hundsturm, Vienna, Austria